March 2025

With the beginning of Spring, March sees many celebration holidays around family and culture, from St Patrick's Day to Mother's Day and many in-between.

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  • 1st St. David's Day
    The welsh celebration day calls for some hearty welsh food: enjoy some lovely Welsh cakes, flavoursome Welsh rarebit, cheesy leeks, or traditional Welsh Cawl.
  • 4th Shrove Tuesday
    Shrove Tuesday (known as pancake day in the UK, and Mardi Gras in Latin America) is the day before fasting for Lent begins. Pancake day is celebrated by eating - you guessed it - large amounts of pancakes.
  • 3-9th British Pie Week
    Brits love a good pie, and surveys have shown the Nations favourites are Chicken and Mushroom, and traditional Steak and Kidney. As for sides, records show a tough battle between mash and chips, but chips come out on top!
  • 3-9th National Butchers Week
    Taking place in March, the week created by the Meat Trade Journal celebrates the high street butcher. It encourages a range of recipes and ideas to make the most of your local butchers.
  • 17th St. Patrick's Day
    On the annual Irish celebration, the go-to drink is of course Guinness. From Guinness Beef Stew to Shamrock Soda Bread, there are some great Irish treats for you to try.
  • 19th National Poultry Day (US)
    Poultries is the second most widely eaten meat type globally along with their eggs. These fowls are found to have a low proportion of fats, and cholesterol when compared with other meats. Thus consumption of poultry meat is better for your health as it provides nutritionally beneficial food with high-quality protein.
  • 25th International Waffle Day
    Known as Våffeldagen, legend has it that the holiday was mistakenly created due to a mispronunciation of Vårfrudagen. Vårfrudagen or Our Lady's Day is a Christian holiday also known as Annunciation. Today, many countries around the world celebrate March 25 as Waffle Day.
  • 27th International Whisk(e)y Day
    World Whisky Day is an annual, global day of whisky, which invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life.
  • 30th Mother's Day (UK)
    Mother's Day is all about celebrating the Mother figures in your life. Treat family to sweet treats such as homemade cakes and biscuits.