August 2024

The Summer month of August provides a variety of days to celebrate
from the sweetness of Honey Bee day to the party vibe of International Beer Day.

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  • 2nd International Beer Day
    International Beer Day has three declared purposes: To gather with friends and family to enjoy the taste of beer. To celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving beer. To unite the world under the banner of beer, by celebrating the beers from all nations together on a single day.
  • 10th National S'mores Day
    The first official recipe for a s'more came out in the 1927 Girl Scout guidebook "Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts." However, the publication listed the treats as the more grammatically correct "Some Mores"
  • 11th National Bakewell Tart Day
    This holiday is dedicated to all sweet tooth and dessert lovers! It highlights the English classic Bakewell tart — an English shortcrust pastry with layers of jam, frangipane, chopped almonds, and icing.
  • 13th National Prosecco Day
    Prosecco is an easy-drinking Italian sparkling wine that is meant to be enjoyed young and fresh. It's versatile enough to drink as an aperitif, as part of a celebration, paired with a meal, or used as an ingredient in a cocktail.
  • 17th National Honey Bee Day (US)
    National Honey Bee Day is an awareness day when beekeepers, beekeeping clubs and associations, and honey bee enthusiasts from across the United States celebrate honey bees and recognize their contribution to humans' everyday lives as a means of protecting this critical species.
  • 19th National Potato Day (US)
    Potatoes were first cultivated by man in Southern Peru and the Northwest regions of Bolivia sometime between 5000 and 8000 BC. From that point forward it has spread all over the globe to become one of the primary staple crops of many cultures.
  • 22nd World Plant Milk Day
    Ready to ditch the dairy for good? With so many plant based alternatives now available it is the perfect time to make the switch. Most find that cutting dairy from their diet has many health benefits but most importantly it helps the environment.
  • 25th National Banana Split Day (US)
    Celebrate the birth of a dessert menu staple- the humble banana split. An American ice cream dessert, the banana split was invented 1904 by David Stickler, a Pennsylvanian Soda Jerk with a notorious sweet tooth.
  • 28th National Burger Day
    National Burger Day was was created by Mr. Hyde to celebrate was one of the most popular meat dishes. It is celebrated annually on the Thursday before the August bank holiday (originally on August 27th). On this day, restaurants that participate in the event sell burgers with a 20 per cent discount.
  • 31st International Bacon Day
    International Bacon Day was created in 2004 by Colorado University graduate students. Colloquially known as back bacon, this meat dish is cut from the boneless eye of pork loin.